lundi 6 avril 2015

A Welcome From Gina: Learn About Gynarchy, Matriarchy, Real Femdom, Female-Led Future

Welcome to the 'Ask Gina' blog! I am a Feminactivist, a Free Woman who works daily as an active Sister for the cause of awareness, inspiration and education regarding the coming Matriarchy. I maintain strong and absolute Precepts and Principles, promote the compete Goddess Movement and the loving, passionate, creative Sisterhood that Leads this Earth. Topics may cross many areas, from spiritual to science, art to sexuality. No topics are really 'off topic' when it comes to the Embrace of the Sisterhood.
If you need to address me, simply sue my name! I am Gina. (you may also call em 'Goddess' or 'Goddess Gina') Those are the only 3 forms I will recognize.
I'd like to thank the admin of this new blog for coming up with this blog idea and hosting this special forum where anyone can submit a question to me, and I will try to respond to each and everyone in turn. My advice to all readers is to send very specific questions, nothing too broad, so that I can avoid being too repetitive with my responses. The more specific the question, the more detailed my answer will be.
To send a question, 'Friend' me on Facebook (search Ginette Pinazzo) and chat me there. I am also easy to find within Second Life under that same name. I look forward to your questions!

1 commentaire:

  1. Dear Goddess Gina,
    I want to thank you. For a long time I watch her dedication and Persöhnlichkeit and services to the reach and the improvement of the power of the MRS.
    Too bad it WOMEN are still not that your privileged location and their skills are aware and real fight for a better position in society to have. You deserve it real.
    I would at least like honest and real to do my part to help every woman.