lundi 20 avril 2015

Freeing The Goddess Within: Freedom Is The Answer Through Matriarchy and Female-Led Society

Is Matriarchy the Solution for this Century? Letting Women Take the Power and Rule the World?

It's been the 'solution' since the beginning and will be for eternity.

The heart of humanity is passions, dreams and joy. The issue has been, and still is, that about half the
Earth's population have practiced rebelling against the other half through oppression, because the first half has not been sophisticated enough to cope with its own dependence and utter reliance on the second half. Since they cannot cope, they lash out. The Sisterhood suffered as a result.
It is similar to the animals running wild and managing the zoo. Truth is, we don't want a world that is a zoo.. We ALL want freedom.

As Sisters become Goddess-Empowered, We become free. As men become 100% respectful, worshipful towards the Sisterhood, and learn cooperation amongst themselves, they also become free.
The 'solution' is to become free. As I'be explained, Worshipers to All Goddesses is the path to freedom.

A point to add:

Your questions makes some assumptions that need to corrected. This notion of 'taking power' and 'ruling the world' is manspeak. When The Sisterhood Dominates, it is NOT through patriarchal systems of oppression, violence and abuse. I doubt you'll find any Sister who wish to play the power-mad game of men and somehow 'rule the world' (whatever that really means) . We Dominate from the bottom up, by simply being the best we can be and promoting freedom. We Dominate by being better, smarter, faster. We Dominate without any need for destruction. We Dominate by inspiring others to worship us.

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  1. Given that the main thing underpinning male dominance in society is a percieved superior physicality, how do you see women gaining control of the male population at a grass roots level. I would suggest that sexual and financial manipulation wil not be enough...