lundi 6 avril 2015

The State Of Men In A Female-Led World

ALBERT ASKS: When Gynarchy/Matriarchy comes, what rules do you see for the state of males/things,? Gina, I don't think You would see all us things executed, am I right? GINA ANSWERS: Violence, mutilation and destruction against People are the ways of men. Domination through Oppression and Fear are the ways of men. Real Matriarchal Systems are evolved beyond those barbaric behaviors. It is the difference between negative/punishment systems and positive/incentivisation systems. As Sisters learn more and more how to 'breed out' any bad men (the useless) and only allow good ones to reproduce, and as men become more and more custom-created with the best technology, there will be only good men (worshipers) and no such thing as the useless. Barbaric ideas like execution would never be necessary! The issue of the 'state of men' is a rather interesting one, though, if you are talking about the future. Once men are ONLY created in laboratories, (eventually mass produced) they will be created for many purposes, and there will countless types available. While men will never be used for work (because WE can do work ourselves, thank you very much….that's a big point behind Empowerment), they will be created for something even more important: Our Leisure. Men will be created to please, amuse and entertain us. As the production continues,and men become cheap/affordable (in different sizes and specific types), they will be generally treated as neither objects, nor pets, nor people. 'Men' will be defined as an all-new phenomenon, something unique to the world. 'Men' will be living, passionate but completely disposable. They will be fun to play with, in any type of way. Their novelty will be that they are like disposable toys, but better than objects because they move and worship on their own, as they were bred to do. They will have minds (some more developed than others) so there will be real power in their Worship Energy. Even though this may seem to be an imbalance to some reading this now, it will not be, because balance does NOT mean all sides being equal in their roles. Men will be an important part of the balance, but in a new way, a new role. As a constant source of fun and pleasure, men will help Us as we Lead the World. Their Worship Energy will complement the tireless work of the Sisterhood.

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