dimanche 12 avril 2015

When Matriarchy Creates Men: The Best Playthings Ever! Femdom Society Means Choice.

In one article you said men will be something other than people, just something completely different. Will we be allowed to go to school and such?
GINA ANSWERS: The level of 'education/training' a man receives will depend on the type of man being made, and may also be affected by how far the copy has degenerated from the original.
'Naturals' are naturally born men and the public tends to view them as the most unique but most chaotic. Many find them disgusting and less civilized, while others seek them out for more 'radical fun'.
Laboratories also make 'Originals' which are supposedly each very unique (first model of their kind)
From Naturals and Originals, endless copies are made. In many cases, great effort is made to make each copy different, physically, behaviorally or through specialization. In other cases, the copies are very similar. It depends on the target market.
As with any copying process, each 'generation' is slightly less than the generation before it; some information will always be lost.
Because of Degeneration, the more generations made, the less 'chaotic' those men will be. They are also easier to train for specialization. Everyone has their own tastes and moods. Sometimes you want more crazy and unpredictable slaves…other times you want more specialized ones. In labs, the generations are often called Levels.
Lower Level slaves attend to be more chaotic. Higher Level slaves tend to be bred for specific purposes. If I want some men bred specifically to worship my hair, I might get some 'Hair Slaves' (Level 20 or so?) If I want a group of men bred to make love to each other and dance while they are doing it, I may need a Level over 40.
The main education of men occurs in the laboratory, with some field work to supplement when needed. Men can be bred to do anything for fun and leisure. They may also receive classical educations when relevant. Personally I love the types that are bred for conversation because I actually love chatty men.
Some have an open education, so they are acceptable in many areas. Others have incredibly (and often amusing) programs. Perhaps some men are bred to only beg to be pray to earrings! Anything is possible, and the art and science of creating them is quite creative!

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